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    Houma, Louisiana is the biggest city in the Terrebonne Parish.  The town was named after the Houma people, believed to be related to the Choctaw.  Houma was founded in 1832 and the city was officially recognized in 1848.  Houma is made up of French, Native, Cajun, African and Creole culture and history. Due to the overwhelming swamplands around Houma, it  was great separated from the rest of Louisiana up until the 1930's.  Although Houma is quickly changing now, many of the Houma citizens continue to make a living from the Gulf of Mexico just like their ancestors did.  They harvest shrimp, oyster, crab, fish but now more and more work in the oil industry.


    Whether you live in Houma or thinking about making a move to the Terrebonne Parish, the friendly citizens will welcome you with open arms. We invite you to prop up your feet and stay for a spell. If you do, give us a call to get the upmost professional fencing services in southern Louisiana.

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